Meh Dais & Half Buckles

A Meh Dai is the perfect combination of a Soft Structured Carrier (Ergo/Tula etc.) and a Woven Wrap. It has the outline of a SSC (waist belt, back panel, and shoulder straps), but it has no buckles and the material of a Woven Wrap. This makes it very easy to use like a SSC, and it gives you that comfort and moldablility of a Woven Wrap. 

A Half Buckle is made up of a buckle clip waist, by wrap straps that cross over your back and tie. Great for all body shapes and will give you the perfect fit each and every time you set it up.

The Fidella Half Buckles are great quality and highly adjustable in width and height to get you the perfect fit from newborn to toddler. The Zarpar Bebe Wrap Carriers are half buckles that are more a one size with only slight adjustments to get suitable from newborn to toddler - still very doable and work great! Both are light and airy. Fidella is predominately organic cotton and Zarpar Bebe is Linen/Cotten blend.

The Neko Meh Dais are adjustable in width and height and of great quality. Made of 
soft yet supportive cotton, they fit perfectly around you and your baby!