Babywearing Consultations Australia & Worldwide

Choosing a baby carrier or wrap can be an overwhelming and confusing decision & figuring out how to use one can be even trickier!  

If you are after some
exclusive one:one support to have you feeling confident, comfortable, and safe with your carrier, book a consultation with me in-person across the Sunshine Coast (I travel to you!) or via Video on Zoom from anywhere in the world!

I have 8 years experience in Babywearing and will find you solutions so you can enjoy using your baby carrier! 

A babywearing consultation with me involves:

- getting to know you, your lifestyle, and your needs
- a little bit about your unique baby and your babywearing history
- listening to your concerns & finding immediate solutions for these
- demonstrations from Brooke and then the opportunity for you practice with Brooke's guidance and assistance
- questions and clarifications

- an email summary of your consultation within 24 hours
- a 10% discount code if you wish to purchase any items after your consultation

How to Book:

1) Select your consult package below and a date and time that suits you. 

2) Answer the 3 brief questions to fill me in on what's going on and how I can help.

3) If I need to contact you to clarify I will email you, otherwise I'll see you for your appointment either in-person, or on Zoom! 


My range of carriers available for demonstration, and to try out, include:

  • Ergobaby Omni 360 Mesh 
  • Ergobaby Airloom
  • Ergobaby Omni Breeze
  • Ergobaby Embrace
  • Redsbaby Connect Carrier & Wrap
  • Tula Explore & Free to Grow & Half Buckle 
  • Chekoh Stretchy Wrap & Clip Carrier 
  • Ankalia Swift Baby Size, Ankalia Go, Onbuhimo & Wrap
  • Zarpar Bebe Wrap & Buckle Carrier
  • Neko Slings Meh Dai 
  • Various Woven Wraps 
  • Linen Ringsling by LBC 
  • Boba Stretchy Wrap & Boba X Carrier 
  • Beco Gemini 
  • Bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier 
  • Marsupi Baby Carrier
  • Mumsie Overalls
  • + more! 

    These are carriers I have available on hand, but I have tried numerous others on the market so have a broad range of experience and knowledge with other carriers available.  


    Brooke completed her Babywearing Consultancy Foundation Course through the Die Trageschule Babywearing School in February 2016 and has been wearing her daughter Elanor since she was born in May 2014 and her son Axel from August 2017. Brooke acknowledges the traditional roots of carrying babies and is deeply respectful and grateful to past and present cultures who continue to pass their knowledge on.