How to get your baby to like the baby carrier

July 19, 2020

There is definitely a small group of bubs that don't take to being in a carrier straight away. Being in a carrier or sling is a new experience and for this group they often need some patience and encouragement to come around to the idea.

In a babywearing consultation one time I met a cheeky little 11 week old boy who loved to be carried in his mum's arms but fussed and grizzled when in the carrier. His positioning was perfect and we made sure he was sitting well in all three carriers- a buckle carrier, stretchy wrap, and a ringsling!

He still fussed even though there was no further adjustments I could make and I was super happy with his positioning and that there was lots of room around for him to see (super curious alert bub he was!).

This mum was desperate as he loved to be carried but not in a carrier. These were my suggestions to her:

1. Don't give up! Be consistent and keep trying every day. The goal is to make this 'new' contraption familiar and to associate it's use with feelings of calm and comfort. Stay calm as the parent and assure them it's okay.

2. To do above 👆 I suggest changing the environment from the home and often going for walks outside, in nature, at the shops etc or changing caregivers to mix it up. Keep it to short spurts if you have to while it becomes familiar.

3. If you're persistent, have tried to change up the environment, and have excluded every other possibility (hunger, overtired, tummy pain, a phase) then it's a good idea to get the assessment of a paediatric physiotherapist or chiropractor to check if there's any underlying issues that we can't see on the surface.

Some bubs like their personal space more than others, but if bub wants to be carried in-arms constantly (#normal) than we should be able to get them settled and content in a carrier.

Other top tips would be to:
🔹Start Babywearing as soon as possible after birth to make it as familiar and normal as possible from the beginning.
🔹See a Babywearing consultant to make sure its not a simple tweak and adjustment that just has to be made.
🔹Try hip carries or forward-facing carriers if the issue is not being able to see around enough (age appropriate of course)
🔹Make sure it's none of the common reasons your baby might be unsettled like hunger, overtired, pain, wet nappy etc

These bubbas always like to keep their parents on their toes and to challenge me in consultations 🥰

Did your baby take to being settled straight away or did it take some time?

Parents persist with feeding, sleep routines, car seat dramas, food... so don't throw out Babywearing too soon, keep persisting with it too.

- B r o o k e - x - 💕


P.S. If you want personalised assistance in getting confident and comfortable with your carrier, book a consultation with me! These can be done anywhere in the world via video chat, or in-person in Brisbane, QLD.
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