Travelling with Baby Carriers, Wraps, and Slings πŸ’–

November 18, 2019

Are you looking for ways to make your next holiday trip easier with babies and toddlers in tow? I can assure you that you'll want to have a carrier or two with you to free up your hands and make getting from A to B a whole lot quicker!

Here's what's best to use and why:

1. A Ringsling

Ringslings are great for travelling as they are quick to use and don't take up much room when packed away. If you want a carrier that's fairly quick to get on, a ringsling is a great option. You can set it up, pop child in, do your thing, then pop child out, and leave it set up and ready for the next quick carry. Perfect if you'll be carrying for short periods of time here, there and everywhere all over your trip. And you'll love that they fold up so tiny and fit neatly amongst all your other necessities in your bag.

2. An Onbuhimo

Want your toddler high up on your back safe and out of the way? An Onbuhimo is your answer! This waist-less backpack style carrier allows you to quickly perch your toddler up and down at your leisure and because there's no bulky waistbelt it's super compact when not in use also! Back carries are great when you really need your whole front free to navigate carrying bags through busy airports, tight spaces or uneven surfaces. Not going to lie here, having my little one on my back out of the way really does help my concentration and focus on what's in front of me and where I'm going. And because they sit so high in this carrier design, they'll love the ride and adventure too!

3. A Soft Structured Buckle Carrier

If you know you're going to be carrying for hours on end, need something mega comfortable, and want it suitable for your little one to have a decent nap, a Soft Structured CarrierΒ might be best on this occasion. A SSC allows for full body support over both shoulders and distributes the weight evenly, allowing for hours of carrying comfort. This is a sturdy carrier choice and would be my pick if a day was planned with lots of walking, hiking, strolling, and adventuring. Plus if you know your little one might need a nap, this would be the comfiest option for carrying for an extended amount of time.

The top benefits of Babywearing While Travelling:

1. Hands free
Obvious benefit of Babywearing! But when travelling and you have stacks of extra bags, you're catching public transport, or navigating busy areas, having your hands-free really is that more important and beneficial.

2. Keeps child safe and close

Toddlers love a good run! And they often don't understand about the dangers of strangers and busy roads. Keeping a toddler lovingly restricted with you will lessen your anxiety and keep them safe. For bubs not yet walking, keeping them close reduces their contact with germs and if breastfeeding, you'll develop antibodies in your milk each time you kiss their head to fight any nasties they might have picked up!

3. Feels comforting for adult and child
With so much going on around you in a new place, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Having close contact makes for a beautiful security blanket of love and familararity. As a caregiver holding a child, you get flooded with the feel-good hormone oxytocin, proven to reduce stress levels. Your child also feels most at ease in the comfort of your arms, the perfect place for them to nestle into when the world feels a bit too much.

4. Allows for easy naps and feeding on the go

Worried about taking your little one out on a schedule that doesn't really align with their naps? A carrier can be a welcomed relief! Allow your baby to nap on the go and hardly disrupt any of your holiday plans. Ringslings and Soft Structured Carriers also allow for easy and discreet feeding on the go. Perfect if you can't find a parents room or somewhere quiet to sit down and feed.Β 

Important info: Whilst travelling through airports you will need to remove your child out of the carrier to go through security. Then on take off and landing in an airplane you will need to also remove child from carrier or sling. Sometimes just placing the sling over them like a blanket will be comforting for them if they are familiar with it through this take off and landing time.

As always, remember to put safety as your first priority when carrying your child. Ensure their airways are clear with no fabric obstructing them and that you can see them at all times. Make sure all buckles are fastened securely and constantly monitor your child.Β 

So don't forget to pack your carrier and always take it with you just incase! It's just so practical and there's many many benefits!

Have you used a baby carrier while travelling? How did you find it?

Happy holidays with your family!

- B r o o k e - x -

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