Toddler Baby Carriers

May 02, 2021

Carrying your child in your arms or using a baby carrier with them doesn't suddenly end when your child reaches 12 months old, 2 years old, 3 years old or beyond! 

There's always a point when your toddler or preschooler's legs get tired and they just want you to pick them up. Thankfully there's many baby carrier options out there that I can tell you about! And there's many more benefits to carrying your toddler too, not just saving those tired legs! 

Toddler Babywearing Benefits: 

  • Further bonding and connection with your talkative child who can communicate clearly up near you
  • You get to provide a safe and nurturing place to comfort your child when they experience normal toddler tantrums and meltdowns 
  • Sometimes active toddlers just want to RUN and explore and keeping them safely contained in a carrier is very beneficial for their safety and your sanity
  • Then you get all the regular babywearing benefits like being able to navigate crowded spaces and difficult terrain, regulate each others temperature and breathing, protect your child from touching extra surfaces and coming into contact with germs etc etc. 

There's a few options for carrying your toddler! You can continue carrying them on your front for as long as you like, but as they get taller and their legs longer, it does get a little much on your front and up in your face. 

A hip carry or a back carry is generally the preferred option! Here is what you might like to use: 

1. An Ankalia Go Toddler Size Buckle Carrier - this would be best if you think you'll be carrying your child for long stints and that they might fall asleep too and have a rest. Buckle carriers are very supportive

2. An Ankalia Onbuhimo - these are awesome for high back carry piggy backs and they fold up super small and compact. Better though for shorter 20-30 minute quick carries as they don't have a waistband to help hold that extra support. 

3. A ringsling - these are fantastic for a hip carry and allow your child to see out and around like they are sitting on your hip but with more support for you. A good investment too as can be used from newborn to toddler. The same as an Onbuhimo though, best for shorter time frame carries :)

I stock all of these and you can see them demoed in my highlights on my insta!

If you need to clarify any information, shoot me an email or message on socials! 

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