9 Types of Babywearing Parents

March 17, 2017

babywearing types of parents

Isn’t it fabulous how different we all are? Even though we all use similar tools to parent with, we all have different approaches.

I can imagine that a good part of this is due to how different our kids all are. Heck, I know for a fact that mine are pretty unique, and I’ve had to adapt my parenting (and babywearing) approach to meet their ever-changing needs continually over the years.

Sometimes if I catch myself, I also realise that the type of parenting approach I scoffed at a few months ago is exactly what I’m adopting today. I guess I’m learning more and more to reserve judgement and never write something off until you’ve tried it for yourself.

So… what type of babywearer are you? Let’s see…

1) The Newbie

Occasionally seen in car parks, looking bewildered at their array of straps, buckles, and excess fabric, this babywearer is new to the game. Usually if they make it through the first few weeks and figure out how it all works, they’ll transition to a different “type”. Till then, they’ll most likely alternate between pram and carrier.

2) The Carry ALL The Things

You can see ‘em coming from a mile away, laden with handbags, shopping bags, and (of course) a baby. They’re sweating up a storm, but still smiling, cause no pram and no trolley. Just look at them! They’re superhuman!

3) The Hacker

They don’t care what it is, if it makes their life easier and “hacks” their day-to-day activities, they’re on board. Baby carriers, prams, those handy baby backpack leash things, GPS navigation attached to their children… you name it and they’ve tried it. If it works, SOLD.

4) The Hippy

You might have to squint a bit. This babywearing mama is so brightly dressed you couldn’t possibly lose her in a crowd. Flowy pants… check! Amber teething beads…. Check! Rainbow coloured handwoven baby wrap… check! Natural glowing goddess vibe… check!

5) The Chameleon

This babywearing parent is never seen in the same baby carrier two events in a row. They seem to have the perfect solution for every possible occasion. Ring sling, structured carrier, woven wrap, stretchy, onbuhimo, meh dai… they’ve tried them all. And they’ve probably got plenty of colours to pick from too.

6) The Trader

Usually seen browsing Facebook while babywearing, this person is always on the lookout for a new carrier via online trading groups. It’s definitely a hobby. Possibly an obsession. Visits Australia Post at least twice a week.

7) The Tandem

Twins? Toddler and newborn? Pregnant belly? No problemo. This parent has one on the front and one on the back. Forget bulky second seats and twin prams… tandem babywearing is where it’s at! *flexes arms*

8) The “Still My Baby”

Baby carriers aren’t just for babies, right? These parents know that a trip out in public with your toddler/kiddo is not complete without a back-up carrier for sore legs, potential runaways, and snuggles in general. Also, these parents have shoulders of steel.

9) The Evangelist

Always brings at least two back up carriers everywhere they go “just in case” they spot a stray baby or parent in need of some babywearing help. Most likely has their own lending library. Probably studying to become a babywearing consultant or watches babywearing tutorials on YouTube in their spare time.


Please note: no offence intended by this little article. It’s all a bit of fun, of course.

I have been babywearing for nearly 4 years now and I have to admit that I’ve fallen under nearly all of these categories at some point. Babywearing is such a fun and practical part of my parenting toolkit.

So… what type of babywearing parent are you? ;-)

babywearing quote

No matter how you babywear, you and baby are both enjoying SO many amazing benefits, like hands-free cuddles, bonding, warmth, communication, and more! So keep on babywearing, however you love to do it.

Happy babywearing!


P.S. Enjoyed this article? Please feel free to share or save it for future reference! :-)

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