Babywearing – Not Just Good for Babies

April 29, 2016

babywearing benefits parents

Hello gorgeous!

It’s Brooke and Angela here and we've got a secret to share with you. Perhaps other babywearing mamas out there will agree with us…

We don’t just wear our baby because it's good for THEM, we actually have some of our own ‘selfish’ reasons as to why we wrap our bundle of joy up and keep them close.

Sure, babywearing has absolutely amazing benefits for babies - it helps to keep them calm, close, safe, and form lovely attachments with their parents. It’s also great for colicky babies, reflux, and babies who struggle to settle to sleep on their own.

But really, babywearing is just as good for mamas. 


babywearing newborn stretchy wrap

Throw back to one of our first times babywearing… oh so squishy!

When my little one, Nathaniel, was first born, I (Angela) was so overjoyed. I was also pretty overwhelmed. Becoming a mama was a huge adjustment for me – much bigger than expected. Pregnancy sleep deprivation and discomfort really pales in comparison to the fun of those newborn days. My baby refused to be put down for sleeps, he spent a lot of time screaming, we had breastfeeding challenges, and we both got sick. I felt on edge most of the time, to be honest.

There was this tiny, demanding person that needed me to look after him, and I felt totally at a loss as to how to do it!

One of the only times I felt calm and peace during those early days is when my little one was in a baby carrier. I can still remember the first time I put him in there, safe, close, snuggled. He went straight to sleep, and I was able to relax.

I remember rubbing my cheek on his soft, downy head and having all these happy mama hormones rush over me. It was totally amazing. Babywearing was the best part of those tough early days because it not only helped my little one settle, but it helped keep me calm and slightly more sane!

I seriously don’t know how I would have got through in one piece without babywearing, and as a result, I’m on a bit of a mission to ensure that every family knows their options when it comes to wearing their baby.

Now that we’re out of those challenging early days, I actually don’t *need* to wear my baby as often. He can usually settle for sleeps in the cot, as long as he has his comforter, dummy, and I don’t go too far away. But babywearing is still practical for us when he wants to cuddle, or when we have places to go. I almost never use a pram, and can basically navigate shops and crowds just as well as pre-baby.

Now babywearing is more about having fun and feeling amazing. I’m officially down the rabbit hole. Trying different wraps and carriers has become a bit of a hobby and fashion statement for me. It’s one way I can feel great about myself again as a mama (nothing dresses up a daggy outfit like a gorgeous wrap!) and also keep enjoying close snuggles with my little one.

babywearing toddler older baby

Like Angela, babywearing's benefits for me (Brooke) have been tremendous. When my now 2 year old daughter, Elanor, was first born it meant actually leaving the house for a relaxed walk, or shopping in Kmart by myself with a happy baby. It felt empowering that I had this amazing tool that could help me do basic day-to-day activities and it meant my newborn was happy which made me a lot happier too! 

Now, as a big walking, talking, still pooping, big independent girl, babywearing helps us stay connected as her dependence on me slowly lessens by the smallest amounts (i.e. gets me more cuddles that I so desperately want!). She loves to walk by herself, be pushed in a trolley at Coles, or (gasp!) be left with daddy while mummy goes out by herself! I don’t have that clingy and dependent newborn as much anymore. So when she’s wrapped and carried close to me, it’s oh-so special.

I wear her on my front to rock her off to sleep, and I wear her on my back for big adventures. Her head still rests on me, her hands glide over my arms, and her gorgeous smell is right below my nose. And in that moment, I soak it all up. She’s there, close to me, and we connect for as long as we please.

I always emphasise that babywearing is for babies big and small and that it’s a journey. Because you get just as much joy wearing your 1 week old as you do your 1 year old, but it’s a different joy and one you can’t predict. It’s a dream that wearing your baby can bring you so much happiness on so many different levels. Boo-yah!


So, what about you? Do you agree that babywearing has helped you in your journey as a mama? Please feel free to leave a comment below! We'd love to know!

Brooke & Angela



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