Babywearing and Public Toilets… Yes or No?

January 30, 2017

Babywearing… Awwww.

Public toilets…. Ewwwwwww!!!!

The combination? Hmmmm.

babywearing public toilets

Before I became a mum, I’d never considered the real dilemma that faces parents in public places. When you’re responsible for a baby, said baby really needs to come with you everywhere. You can’t just hand it over to a stranger, pop it on the floor, or anything like that. They’re your responsibility 100% of the time.

So when nature calls and your only option is a public toilet, what’s a parent to do?

If you’re using a pram, it’s quite normal to keep baby in there and wheel them into the bathroom with you. No one would even bat an eye if you did this. But this does present the problem of finding a disabled or parent’s toilet big enough to fit a pram. Something that is not always available!

But what if you’re not pramming it up?

Baby carriers are fantastically convenient when you’re out and about with a baby or toddler… until it’s toilet time, right? Where the heck do you stick your baby then?!

Well, you keep baby right where they are, of course!

How do you use the toilet with baby in the carrier?

If you’re following TICKS guidelines, baby should be up plenty high enough to steer clear of your “toileting” areas ;-). Simply do your business with them on your front or back as usual.

Is it hygienic?

Well, basically yes. Make sure baby doesn’t touch the toilet (be especially wary if you have a grabby toddler). Keep any webbing or wrap tails clear of the toilet bowl. And close the lid before you flush. This means baby, the carrier, and you will have minimal contact with anything potentially icky. This is FAR more hygienic than the alternatives. Can you even imagine putting your baby on a public toilet floor???

babywearing in a toilet

Do you SEE how he is staring at the floor? He wants to touch EVERYTHING.

Or perhaps even worse… allowing your toddler loose in there? “Mummy, I can see the person next to us!” Or “Mummy what’s in here?” (lifts flap of Sanitary bin).

Toilet training 101

Everyone knows that the best way to toilet train your kid is to let them see you go. So if nothing else, you’ll be contributing to a very important part of their education while you’re in there.

baby toilet training

What about the stares?

Eh, I say embrace it! I certainly have got some funny, mostly bemused looks when I’ve emerged from a toilet stall with a baby strapped on. But if anyone ever says anything, I’ll be sure to let them know that this is the most hygienic option – better than popping baby on the floor OR allowing my toddler to roam free in the stall!

It’s really about making parent’s lives easier

It’s hard enough being a parent without going out of your way to do things the hard way, or the “socially acceptable” way. Just do what works for you. Who knows, maybe society will keep changing to embrace the needs of parents and their children, even in places like public bathrooms. Special mention to Japan, for thinking of everything. How good would this be?

 toilets japan baby seat

Sooo… is babywearing in the public toilet something you’ll do too?

Wearing your baby in a public toilet is really just another one of those parent-life things that you eventually get used to. The first few times were a little unusual, but now, I don’t even give it a second thought. Maybe like breastfeeding in a café, popping your pram up in the carpark, and changing a poo-plosion ;-).


Happy babywearing (and whatever else you’re doing in that toilet stall :P)





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P.P.S. Brooke is a qualified babywearing consultant and more than happy to discuss or troubleshoot ANY babywearing issues you might have, no matter how crazy or embarrassing they might seem to you ;-).


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