How to use a Baby Carrier in Summer, Winter, and the Rain!

July 23, 2016

Before most people purchase a baby carrier in Australia, they usually wonder… "How am I going to carry my baby through the Australian summer? And what about extreme cold or rain too?"

The good news is that you can carry your baby through just about any weather or temperature! You just need to have the right tools (and carriers) for your situation, and then give it a go. Here's some tips on carrying through the seasons, the best baby carriers and accessories for the time of year, and everything in between. 

Babywearing in the Australia Summer

Australia gets pretty hot, right? And in a large part of the country, it’s also extremely humid. Here, when summer hits, you’re sweaty again by the time you’ve finished drying off after a shower. Summer seems to run from about September to April, so there’s really no escaping the heat.

Babywearing during summer can be a bit of a challenge. I mean, you’re already boiling hot… do you really want to add another human’s body heat into the mix?

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that no matter what, you’ll probably be a bit hot and sweaty (but you probably would have been even without the baby there!). The good news is that it’s totally do-able, and that there are solutions to make it more comfortable for you and your baby. Here are some of the things that I found were useful during summer:

  • Remember to be sun-safe! This is especially important in summer when the UV index goes up and the sun is out for much longer. Pop a hat on yourself and baby, and don’t forget about little hands and feet that might be exposed. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and stay well hydrated, as you’ll probably sweat a fair bit. I actually like to use a large umbrella when we’re out in the middle of the day, because that tends to give us the best coverage. If you find that your baby keeps pulling their hat off, think about getting a hat with a chin strap. Also carrying a hand held fan can really help to cool you both down and dry up some of that glorious sweat! 
  • If you use a structured or buckle carrier, go with something that doesn’t need an infant insert (if you have a smaller baby). These can add a lot of extra bulk and heat. The Ankalia Swift & Go Baby Carrier is an Australian brand made for hot humid climates and is a very lightweight carrier! 
  • Ring slings tend to be breathable, and are great for quick ups especially the LBC Ring Slings which are made from lightweight & silky soft 100% Linen
  • If you wrap with a stretchy wrap, opt for something thin. Stretchy wraps require your baby to be covered with three layers of fabric at all times, so choosing a brand that caters to warmer weather is a good idea. Boba Bamboo Blend Stretchy Wraps are lovely and light and feel beautiful against your skin!
  • Invest in a cooling towel! These have been described as a baby chamois! They are simply a handy piece of absorbent, cool fabric that sits between you and your baby while they are in a carrier. It absorbs moisture and keeps you cool and dry.

babywearing in summer

Surviving the summer with hats all round and our tencel blend wrap! And yes - even dads can wear babies in summer, despite their body heat! :-D

Mums, don’t be afraid of overheating your newborn. Did you know that your body is actually designed to regulate their body temperature, even after they are born? So hold that baby close. If the weather is warm, your body (particularly your breasts) will adjust their temperature to keep baby comfortable.

Sadly, this doesn’t work quite the same for Dads. Dads may find that when it is particularly hot, they won’t be able to wear their babies for extended periods of time, and can risk overheating them. Fortunately, once they are a few months old, babies start to regulate their own temperatures, so go ahead and wear them for as long as you are both comfortable!

Babywearing In Winter

To start off with, I need to make a full disclosure here. Because most of the year is summer, I can only say that I have truly experienced a few weeks of winter with my munchkin so far. But the temperature some days hovers between 7 and 17 degrees, which to us is pretty cold.

At least, I’m breaking out my dressing gown in the mornings, and no longer wearing flip flops everywhere. So yes, winter is here in Brisbane. ;-) Southerners, please contain your laughter.

babywearing jacket winter

Off for a wintery walk with my oversized cardigan over both of us. 

In a nutshell though, babywearing in winter is just amazing. When it’s cold, you sometimes just want to snuggle your baby all day. And with babywearing, I actually can (while still running the household!).

However, colder weather does bring a few challenges. Longer babywearing sessions can mean sore shoulders, outfit changes as the temperature warms or cools down, and keeping those little tootsies covered when they’re hard to reach in the carrier. Here are a few handy solutions and tips I’ve found so far this winter:

  • If you’re going to be enjoying an extended cuddle, take your time to set up the carrier or wrap perfectly. You will feel any sloppy jobs if you’re having a longer babywearing session. And if possible, opt for cushier, thicker wraps, and carriers with more padding on the shoulders.
  • Dress in layers to account for any changes in temperature while you are using the baby carrier. Ideally, leave your final layer off until after the carrier is fastened, then put it on over the top of the carrier. This way, it can be removed without taking the carrier off. Some great options for warm layers include a babywearing jacket (I adore the jackets by Modern Eternity, there is nothing like them! They are amazing), an oversized cardigan (that will fit over you both), and leg warmers for your baby.
  • Remember to be careful with footed onesies. It is important to avoid putting extra pressure on little toes, which can easily happen in a footed onesie that is being pulled on by your carrier. Opt for footless onesies/pants with socks, or slightly larger footed onesies, ensuring that you pull at the “feet” once your child is buckled in, to keep their toes free.

Babywearing in the Wet

Want to get out of the house, but it’s pouring rain? Babywearing can make this a lot easier, as you’ve got your hands free to hold an umbrella! I always feel for mamas pushing prams, as they’re juggling an awkward rain cover, pushing their baby, and then usually don’t have any hands left to keep rain off themselves.

babywearing rain umbrella

It was threatening to rain on our walk, so I brought along the umbrella. Sure enough, it rained on the way back. Thank goodness I was prepared!

Aside from that, you can also get babywearing raincoats and ponchos. Or simply get an oversized normal raincoat or poncho! As long as your baby’s upright with their airways free, you’re good to go!

Over to you now… what are your best tips for babywearing through the different seasons? What are you preferred carriers and accessories for winter and summer? Leave a comment below!


Happy babywearing!


Angela & Brooke x 


P.S. If you’re keen to read further, we have a bunch more useful articles on our blog about babywearing and other topics for mamas. 

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