#012 Special Guest Natalie Esguerra (MummyNat)

June 29, 2017

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • Introducing Natalie Esguerra, or Mummy Nat as she is known on Instagram, babywearing mama to beautiful twin baby girls who arrived prematurely at 31 weeks and are now aged 1.5 years.
  • Being a young mum and how that changes your life and priorities.
  • Why babywearing became a necessity at home with both babies wanting to be held at the same time and not having the hospital staff around to help anymore.
  • Her first introduction to babywearing was when she saw a multiple births association woman wearing twins in a Meh Dai, which started off an investigation that led her to Central Coast Babywearers, and local babywearing consultant (who specialises in premie babywearing), Celeste from Angelrock Baby.
  • Natalie’s first experience with wearing her twins at 1 week old corrected, when she was doing her makeup and baby was fussy. She put bub on her stomach with a cot sheet!
  • She quickly moved on to discover woven wraps. Her favourite carries are with her base size 7 wrap, including Amanda's tandem hip carry (good for around 3-6 month olds), Jasmine’s Hip Carry, and carries with one baby on the back and one on the front.
  • How Natalie uses a hug a bub ring sling to carry one baby and hold the other so that she can put them in their car seats one at a time.
  • Being a NICU/Premie mum – the ups and downs, the best attitude you can have to help you get through.
  • Their current phase of their babywearing journey, 1.5 years in.
  • Using babywearing while breastfeeding her twins – and the benefits to a refluxy baby.
  • Funny things Natalie has done whilst babywearing.
  • Her experience with using a TwinGo and benefits for parents of multiples.
  • Her experience working with Project One Heart, a photography project that seeks to give more representation and inclusiveness to people of colour, same sex couples, transgendered people, and other marginalised groups.

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