#013 Why Are Our Babies So Clingy?

January 08, 2018

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • Mum-life update since our last chat: Brooke has welcomed Axel, little brother for Elanor, and Angela has welcomed Sebastian, little brother for Nathaniel.
  • Update on what’s happening on the podcast for 2018. You can expect one episode a month of high quality content in between our full time mum roles!
  • If you’re in shock with your Velcro baby, this episode is for you. A lot of mums aren’t prepared for babies to be so physically and emotionally dependent on them.
  • Once you’re out of the newborn bubble, guests leave, your partner goes back to work… and you’re left with this baby who is dependent on you. You weren’t ready for this. You need to have a shower, eat a meal, do something for yourself.
  • Are you creating a bad habit? Should you set boundaries? Are you spoiling them?
  • Your baby needs you to respond to their cues. It’s biologically normal for babies to want skin to skin contact with their mum – you are their safe place.
  • A baby bird’s safe place it its nest. When the mother leaves the nest, it’s content and waits for its mother to return.
  • With your baby, though, if you leave them in the cot, car seat, pram, or whatever, they do not feel safe, because YOU are the safe place.
  • The fourth trimester: after 9 months, baby is really used to your rhythm, sounds, living in a snug, warm, cosy environment where they are constantly fed. When they come into the world, its bright, noisy, different sounding, with fluctuating temperatures, etc.
  • A baby carrier – wearing or carrying them on your body gives them that rhythm and feeling they’ve always known. A baby carrier mimics the womb environment. They can hear your beating heart, they’re warm, they’re held tight, your movement rocks them, they can smell you. It’s the next best thing for them outside of the womb!
  • It’s also a massive transition period for you. The baby carrier gives you more freedom – two hands free, a baby that’s content, and your arms and back don’t get sore. You get that taste of freedom and normality that you are crying out for. Your baby can sleep and you can go about your day – cook, clean, walk, go shopping. It’s simple but it means a lot for a new mum!
  • Don’t stress if you have a Velcro baby. Your baby is perfectly normal (even though its super hard) and it will get better and easier. They’re doing exactly what they’re designed to do. You are their safe place.
  • They’re not spoiled or naughty babies. You are the only safe place they know and they naturally want to cling to you all day long.
  • Teaching your baby that they are secure and that you are always there for them will encourage them to be independent and try new things. You’re raising a resilient child and being there for them when they need you most.

You’ve got this mama!

If you need any help in picking a baby carrier or getting assistance with the one you already have, I’m here to help!

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