#016 What Shoes and Baby Carriers Have in Common

April 10, 2018

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • Why baby carrier sizing and prices are similar to how shoes are sized and priced
  • Why it’s ridiculous when people say that they can’t wear baby carriers because after they tried one, it wasn’t comfortable
  • Why having baby carriers for different places/occasions makes sense
  • Low end vs high end pricing and brands
  • What to do if your carrier isn’t comfortable for you
  • Woven wrap sizing
  • Appropriate sizes for different body shapes and baby ages/sizes
  • What prices can reflect – limited edition, special uses, special materials
  • The baby carrier comparisons to high heels, thongs, jogger, sandals, and ugg boots
  • How to educate other people on why different price points, shapes, and sizes exist for carriers

You’ve got this, mama!

If you need any help in picking a baby carrier or getting assistance with the one you already have, I’m here to help!

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