#005 Sleep Guilt While Babywearing

May 03, 2017

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • Our experiences with newborns and sleep
  • Being touched out
  • The many, many phases of babies/toddlers/parenting
  • To transfer or not to transfer
  • The feelings of guilt that come up because sleeping in the carrier isn’t “mainstream”
  • Getting reassurance from other babywearing parents that this IS normal!
  • The biological norms of sleep
  • Some unexpected benefits of allowing your baby to sleep in the carrier
  • How carrier naps help with flexibility and transitioning to life as a parent so you can still go out and socialise
  • Tricks to eating food with a sleeping baby in the carrier
  • Why sleeping in the carrier is safe (with TICKS) and optimal
  • Bonding opportunities while baby sleeps in the carrier
  • Baby’s body awareness in the carrier
  • Sleeping longer in the carrier vs being put down
  • People who have expressed their concern about baby sleeping in the carrier – how to respond
  • Do what works for you and follow your instincts

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