#008 - Special Guest Angela Gallo

May 24, 2017

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

  • Angela’s babywearing journey – how she’s used it in parenting her two kids
  • Wearing her babies when working as a doula, photographer, cleaning, out and about, and around the home
  • How she encourages her clients (new parents) to try out babywearing with her own collection on hand
  • Wearing her babies when travelling nationally and internationally – how babywearing gave them calmness and security and a place to sleep
  • Tandem wearing and carrier combinations for her kids
  • Introducing her childcare centres to babywearing
  • Breastfeeding her babies while babywearing and how womb-like it feels for them
  • Her essentials as a mum – good nourishment and sleep!

About Angela Gallo and where to find her:

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